Papa’s Sushiria is perfect game for sushi lovers and not only. The game is part of the Papa Louie restaurant management series. At the beginning game allows you to choose between Matt and Clover, your future fictional character, who will be working at Sakura Bay as a default worker. The game also gives you all the necessary preparations for the following event developments as the hero goes through series of trainings, explaining the basics of the following tasks, giving directions of the actions and so on. In a short period of time and simple instructions you will be ready to start. From then on actual fun begins.

Play Papa’s Sushiria Free game online with new levels

Papa’s Sushiria


Papa’s Sushiria opens up with your fictional character (Matt or Clover, who are very funny dudes by the way) being on a tour at the opening day of Papa’s newest restaurant, and you actually manage to accidentally brake his very expensive Fortune Kitty, which also happens to be Papa’s lucky charm. From that point your day takes a turn for the worse. Unsurprisingly Papa is not happy with the turn of the events as well and leaves on a wild-eyed mission. As a result, you are stuck with the crowded restaurant without the chef. There is also the fact, that you have to make up for the disaster you caused, so the hero has to take responsibility and work as a chef for a few shifts to pay for the damage. The only way out for you is to master the fine art of sushi making.
First step is to be very attentive with your customers and copy their orders carefully. Then the preparation begins. Each dish needs good observation and right timing. We start with the preparation of main ingredients such as white rise, then fill, roll, here is where the game gets very diverse and gives you space to play around with brand-new ingredients , the last but not least , finish the dish by cutting it carefully into bite-size morsels. Make sure to do it as quickly as possible and also be neat, as all of these combined will get you good tips in return. Papa’s restaurant is also famous for its delicious bubble tea, which is served alongside the sushi .It is very easy to make and popular among the customers. First mix the milk with flavored tea according to customer’s taste, than open your imagination and top it with any exotic flavored bubbles.

As a reward for your hard work you will get many fun promotions. First and foremost the tips from every dish, which also reflects if your customers are happy with your service. You also have to be smart with your marketing strategies, for which are the coupons. To make sure that your current customers will return, or to lure even more, you can send out some coupons, gifting the lucky customers great deals. If you successfully complete unique tasks given to you throughout the game, you will earn colorful stickers, which will help you to unlock new outfits for your customers.


Papa’s Sushiria is just a recreational game for all ages having a cute art style made by Matt Neff and Tony Solary in Flipline Studio. In this match, you play as some guy (Matt), a girl (Clover) or you can create your own character through the Create a Custom Worker feature.

1 time, even when you won a competition, you were given a prize that’s a trip to see a sushi restaurant called Papa’s Sushiria, however once you were about to leave the spot afterwards, you unintentionally violated the restaurant’s lucky gold kitty statue. Although the owner doesn’t charge you for that statue, a day or two later when you return to the restaurant you come across the master who’s miserable as the amount of tips are starting to decrease. Thinking it had been since you broke the cat statue, you accept work in the restaurant as a way to help the restaurant owner get many clients and receive more information.

The processes in the restaurant are divided into 4 Chief sections:

Order Station: Write down the customer’s arrangement on the Purchase ticket.
Cook Station: First you have to choose the sort of rice to cook, then you definitely time it and add some Sushi Vinegar. Afterwards you need to set the rice onto the wooden slab that has seaweed laid ontop of it.
Build Station: Insert the ingredients that the customer requested onto the rice such as crab meat, raw fish, and carrots, pickles… then roll up the sushi and put the toppings together with the leftovers on. Finally, cut it into small equal parts and set them on the plate.
Tea Station: During this area, you get the drink that the customer asked.

Subsequent to the clients finish eating your sushi dishes, then you’re going to be critiqued based upon the four types above, and the higher your score, the more hints you’ll receive in addition to mini game tickets which is often used to obtain items from mini-games like decorations for the restaurant, clothing for the personality… as the tip enables you to purchase equipment to help cook faster, restaurant decorations also or accessories to yourself…

Daily you’ll serve a definite number of clients and after working out them, you’ll receive Points that after you have enough can make your Rank increase. Additionally once you commence a new day, you’ll serve new clients as well as unlock fresh ingredients.

How To Play

You use the mouse to perform most of the processes in the game.

Tips and Tricks

  1. You can pause/resume/restart and turn the music on/off on the game screen.
  2. You’ll lose points if you use the wrong flavors for the tea or the bubbles.